An exciting journey of aesthetic, cultural and artistic inspiration.

  • Size cm 24 x 32
  • Pages 204
  • Images 140
  • English and Italian Language
  • Hardcover of 3 mm thickness
  • White Imitlin coated dashboard, gold laminated on front board, and spine
  • Transparent screen printed UV
  • Dust jacket with flaps with 4+0 colours printing on matt coated paper of 150 gr/m2, matt plastic coated
  • 4+4 colours printed interior on Fedrigoni Tatamy White da 150 gr/m2
  • Endpapers with 4+0 colours printing on white uncoated paper of 140 gr/m2


The volume is dedicated to the Temples of Humankind of Damanhur. They are a great underground work of art made entirely by hand, and dedicated to the divine nature of humanity.

The book’s evocative photographic narration highlights the ar- tistic and mystical value of this architectural wonder, located in Piedmont, Italy. The Temples of Humankind are also mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records.

The images reveal every architectural and decorative detail, every dimension, angle, shape and color of this modern cathedral carved into the heart of a mountain, and defined by many as “the Eighth Wonder of the World.”

The text of the book, written by the artists of the Temples, guides readers in the discovery of the eight halls that make up this magical construction, in which arts and symbols create a path of spiritual elevation. The volume also presents a preview of the new Hall of the Labyrinth, dedicated to harmony and peace among all the peoples of the world, through the representation of hundreds of divine forces connected to them.

The visual itinerary is enriched by exclusive photos of the monu- mental “Time of Peoples” Hall and of the “Crystal Spiral,” two beautiful spaces adjacent to the Temples of Humanity.

The texts of the book are written by the Artists of Damanhur. The photographs are by Niccolò Guasti.

“My prayer is that this book will extend the creative spirit of Damanhur. Art can reveal our interconnectedness as a human fam- ily and awaken reverence for nature and the web life. Humanity is in a self-destructive tailspin, as we attack the environment, destroy many species, and engage in endless war, committing violence in the name of religion and politics. In the dark dawn of the 21st cen- tury, civilization and the human spirit struggle for life. It’s always been the job of the artist-medics of past cultures to create the healing and soul revealing environments, from sweat lodgers to cathedrals, that catalyze the spiritual lives of those drawn into the vortex of radiance.”

From “Rock, Art and Light”, foreword by Alex Grey, painter, writer and co-founder of CoSM.