2020 Calendar of Temples of Humankind


To share the beauty and the significance of the Temples with you,
we have created a Calendar  that presents exclusive images of the new section of the Hall of the Labyrinth.



Format 26×52 cm

Tatami paper certified Forest Stewardship Council

Pictures by Niccolò Guasti

The Hall of the Labyrinth tells the story of future harmony and peace among the peoples of the world through the representation of hundreds of divine forces. They are the archetypes of the highest ideals of the people connected to them.

This narration anticipates the project of the new sacred space that Damanhurians want to create for humanity: the Temple of Concordance, with the Parliament of Peoples at its heart.

There, representatives of indigenous peoples will be able to meet, exchange ideas and visions and share their knowledge and wisdom with the world, to inspire us towards a sustainable future in which we will again feel part of one humanity, of our planet, of the universe of which we are all a mirror.